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Patented Pulse Technology
McKay Battery Health
PowerPulse® (12-Volt)
PowerPulse® is not a charger. This small, weatherproof product is designed to be used as a supplement to an existing charging system. Does not require an electrical outlet. For vehicles and equipment that are regularly used and frequently charged.


PowerPulse® generates an intermittent, optimized high frequency pulse that reduces existing sulfate deposits and keeps them from building up again.
The patented pulse technology circuit dramatically improves the battery's ability to accept and keep a charge and extends battery life.
PowerPulse® draws a small portion of current from the battery and should only be used on vehicles or equipment that are regularly used and frequently charged.


  • Ideal for vehicles and equipment used frequently or charged on a regular basis
  • Helps batteries charge faster and maintain greater reserve capacity so they can provide more available power to your vehicles and accessories
  • One 12-volt PowerPulse® can work on up to three 12-volt batteries connected in parallel, including sealed, gel cell and AGM
  • Includes LUGS for semi-permanent or temporary installations
  • Safe and reliable
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to Install
  • 5-year limited warranty

Part#: 735x012
Fleet pricing available
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