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2013 BC Boat & Sportsmen's Show / BC Hunting Show
2013 Vancouver International Boat Show
2013 Vancouver Motorcycle Show
PulseTech 2012 E-Catalog NEW
Patented Pulse Technology
McKay Battery Health
Battery Analysis Tools
Battery Analysis Tools for Power Reliability

390PT Battery Analyzer   390PT Battery Analyzer
Tests flooded cell, Gel or AGM (6-Volt and 12-Volt batteries). Determines state of charge, cold cranking amps (CCAs) and good/bad battery.
490PT+ Battery Analyzer   490PT+ Battery Analyzer
Tests 12-Volt flooded cell, AGM (flat and spiral plates), gell cell batteries and 12-Volt electrical systems.
Quick Battery and Alternator Tester   Quick Battery and Alternator Tester
Indicates battery's state of charge. Can be used directly on battery or remotely with quick-disconnect.
777P-PT Battery Tester   777P-PT Battery Tester
Warranty code generator with built-in printer displays battery voltage and capacity.

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